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A Haiku For No One

Xerox Blues
25 February, 2008

The copy machine
Throws off radiation and
Small puffs of toner.

from the imagination of Unknown @ 6:41 PM, ,

Tar on Their Feet
19 February, 2008

In the modern age,
We're conditioned to move fast.
Let's go slow again.

from the imagination of Unknown @ 9:39 AM, ,

Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People
14 February, 2008

The wheel of karma
Sometimes spins a large circle,
Sometimes a small one.

from the imagination of Unknown @ 8:31 AM, ,

12 February, 2008

Sometimes life is like
Getting kicked square in the nuts,
But repeatedly.

from the imagination of Unknown @ 2:26 PM, ,

Holding It
11 February, 2008

I have to go pee.
Bladder wants to cry yellow,
But I won't let it.

from the imagination of Unknown @ 10:19 AM, ,

Dr. Lang and His Shrill Drill
07 February, 2008

A cloudy zipper.
An almost broken vaccuum.
A sound your bones feel.

from the imagination of Unknown @ 1:25 PM, ,