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A Haiku For No One

Predawn Lullaby (Return to Repose)
28 March, 2007

Early morning rain
Whispers through my windowpane,
"Just go back to sleep."

This haiku can actually be sung as a lullaby. (4/4 timing, key of E, and repeat the last line to have an even bar). More to come...

from the imagination of Unknown @ 9:52 AM, ,

Wetland Harmony
26 March, 2007

A frog symphony
Reverberates from the marsh
Like Southern Summers.

from the imagination of Unknown @ 6:29 AM, ,

23 March, 2007

You shoot mind bullets
At my bare, unvested chest.
"Toilet seat goes down."

from the imagination of Unknown @ 11:34 AM, ,

Time is Precious
17 March, 2007

We waste precious time
Working and thinking. Instead,
We should do nothing.

The inspiration for this haiku is the quote by the Buddha: "Do nothing. Time is too precious to waste." This couldn't be truer today. So much of our lives is wasted with television, shopping, fighting, sleeping, working, and other activities. We're always doing "something." Take some time one day to sit and do nothing (aka "meditation.") It does wonders for your inner peace. Even if doing nothing means just sitting around and enjoying your family, with no media interruptions, give it a try.

from the imagination of Unknown @ 5:40 PM, ,

12 March, 2007

A Haiku A Day
Died and started on fire.
Now it is re-born.

from the imagination of Unknown @ 11:10 AM, ,

07 March, 2007

It is too much work
To write a haiku each day.
I'll let this site rot.

from the imagination of Unknown @ 6:46 AM, ,

02 March, 2007

I won't let you down.
Though the thought makes me queasy,
And my bowels loose.

from the imagination of Unknown @ 8:48 AM, ,

01 March, 2007

Oranges are the best.
They taste like sweetened acid.
Their name describes them.

from the imagination of Unknown @ 6:47 AM, ,